First with great dejection, but today above all out of gratitude, we said goodbye to our director, Luit Mulder. We are intensely grateful for his commitment and unbridled energy and enthusiasm for iKi Bear without losing sight of his fellow man and his environment.

Where Luit has started his last journey, the iKi journey will continue although the great loss of a loyal, fine colleague will be felt for a long time to come.

We thank everyone for the warm interest and loyalty towards Luit. All the reactions have been heartwarming.

Yoroshiku, Luit!



We are proud to announce that from now on we are also IFS certified.

Veritas Supermarkets

From today, iKi Beers are available at all Veritas Supermarkets in Spain!

Whether you fancy a nice fresh beer at home or on holiday..
an iKi Beer is never far away :)


At Plus Guido van Dijck in Venray they have expanded the special beer shelf with a number of alcohol-free special beers, including the iKi Zero.

Really worth a try, surely you will do that too ?!

iKi Beer available at Sushi Daily at Carrefour Supermarkets

iKi Beer is nowadays also available at the Sushi Daily in the Carrefour Supermarkets, you can find iKi Beer next to the fresh made sushi.

There is nothing as tasty as sushi with an ice cold iKi Beer!


Great News..!! You can order your own iKi Beer at GreenOs, GreenOs is an Danish Vegan website.




iKi Beer at the Copenhagen Sakura Festival

In Japan, they love and admire the Sakura trees. Once a year, when the trees bloom, families, lovers and friends meet under the pink blossoms to take in their beauty.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival brings this Japanese tradition in combination with a cultural event to Langelinie Park at the end of April. By then, the 200 cherry blossom trees in the park will be bursting with pink.

Everybody who would like to experience Japanese culture, taste Japanese food & drinks and celebrate the arrival of the spring time is welcome to join!

Want to taste the new iKi's? Come and join us at this festival!

April 28 & 29 at Langelinie Park, Copenhagen


Launch new website

iKi Beer launched a new website! 

Check out the new flavours and promotions at our Facebook and Instagram page

Opening of the terrace season

The terrace season 2019 will be opened with the Terassen Festival Utrecht on March 29 and 30.
In honor of spring, this year's Terassen Festival is all about Japan. Come have a drink in Japanese style at the Janskerkhof. The entrance is free and we have all 5 flavours of iKi Beer for you to taste!

Opening hours:

Friday March 29 16:00 - 01:00
Saturday March 30, 14:00 - 01:00 

iKi Beer Zero

As an active & multi cultural brand you cannot survive without a zero alcohol beer. iKi Zero Beer is brewed with sencha green tea and ginger & has a full rich and firm taste.

Enjoy iKi Zero, run the world!

Beer tasting session in Montpellier

You need to have guts! In January 2019 iKi Beer had a beer tasting session in Montpellier with wine connaisseurs at the SudVinBio in Montpellier. The only beer at the fair to compete on taste with all these excellent and tasteful wines. iKi Beer was rated by over 6000 consumers and received very positive response also about the new tastes like Zero, Pepper and Raz el Hanout.

Taste beer like wine, enjoy iKi!


Opening Tiger Club with fresh iKi Beer from the tap.

December 2017: Opening The Tiger Club in Breda with an beautiful Asian style iKi Beer signed wall painting. First place to drink a fresh iKi Beer from the tap.

Enjoy iKi, sense Asia!


iKi explores Taiwan

We have a pleasant cooperation with a distributor in Taiwan in order to make iKi available. Sharing positive news is our core. We are proud to anounce that iKi Beer is available at the well-known 7-Eleven stores! Taiwan 7-Eleven has one of the highest density of 8.5km² a store in the world after Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore. Consumers can order beers online and pick up at 7-Eleven stores they assign.

The result of this success is a function of persistence and willingness.

Let's enjoy this collaboration. 

iKi's journey covered in an article

Dutch magazine 'Nieuwe Revu' followed the journey of iKi Beer, The Netherlands. This article tells the story of Arjen Hemelaars journey to Japan where he stayed in a monastery for 3 years. Once back in The Netherlands Arjen founded iKi Beer and created the iKi brand. The reporter, the photographer of 'Nieuwe Revu' and present CEO, Luit Mulder, went on a road trip trough The Netherlands to inform him about iKi Beer's past, present and future of the brand. Beside a visit to the founder, they also went to the developing brewery of our different flavours, co-workers and business partners. A wonderful story that tells us how passion leads to success.

Enjoy iKi, be persistant and successful.

iKi introduces Ginger Beer

Have you ever experienced a tasteful explosion with two ingredients that combine exceptionally well? The taste of Ginger Beer in combination with Green Tea leaves gives iKi Ginger Beer a warm smooting taste. The balance of these ingredients suits very well with all sorts of cuisines, not only to drink but also to cook with. This is the first flavour next to our popular iKi Yuzu. The recipe is cleverly designed to excite your senses.

Enjoy iKi, taste the world.