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AGCT Group x iKi Beer

roomsLINK is a fashion event that transmits Asian culture to the World. The fashion show and the exhibition serve as the main event; furthermore, roomsLINK links to every other fashion contents through the media, web, shops and parties. Not only "Fashion", but also art and decor.

The fashion show was hosted by a Japanese fashion group called H.P.France. And we sponsored a talented fashion group called AGCT Group established in 2009AGCT as a combination of the interdisciplinary artistic creation of a brand with a creative fusion of design, music, video en graffiti. Take a journey of creation on their website.

A = Alternative (liberation thinking)
G = Generation (generations spirit)
C = Creative (out of nothing)
T = Trend (fashion trend)

AGCT | Same, same but different! A great collaboration with inspiring people!


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