What about a green tea beer?

I was joking on Twitter about the benefits of regular sex, laughter and drinking green tea - which apparently make you live nine years longer on average - and a friend of mine, who works at a very large international brewer, asked if he you had to do all three at once! 'Can I drop the green tea and just live six years longer please?' he asked!

'What about a green tea beer?' I suggested, thinking that this would be a great idea - combining his love of a quality brew with all the health benefits of green tea! Thanks to the joy of social media Thijs from iKi Beer immediately got in touch. 'We are making a green tea beer already!' he told me, demonstrating that great minds obviously think alike...expect iKi were clearly a few steps ahead of me.

The next thing I know Thijs has very kindly sent me a couple of sample bottles to try and I have to say they were delicious! The iKi Beer Yuzu was a citrus-y, zingy and refreshing quaff but my favourite was the iKi Ginger Beer, with a lovely spicy, warmth to it. As a fan of many hop-based innovations from Weiss beer to strange old english ales served tepid and frothy I can say that iKi's clever blend of Asian ingredients with European beer-making know-how and craftsmanship is very satisfying combination.

I'm looking forward to an iKi Wasabi or Szechuan Pepper beer next please!


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