We at iKi believe that taste should be matched with great memories. Every swig is a experiece on its own, because of the unique and surprisingly ingredients. In this chapter we explain whats inside the iKi bottle and why we selected these organic ingredients to make a remarkable mix.

iKi Beer is a great example of how beer is evolving. No longer is a beer just something that belongs with a evening out, but it has changed into a experience. iKi is not just a beer, but a statement. iKi uses the basic of green tea sencha in every beer that is brewed. It's easy to understand why sencha is such a favorite beverage in Japan, not only for those seeking to quench a thirst, but also for those wanting to sip on something extra special.

Yuzu is a far east citrus fruit different compared to others, it stands out because of it's lovely fragrance. Yuzu is the only fruit that can resist extremely cold temperatures. The refreshing element gives a balance to ingredients like the sencha, to optimize the taste. Yuzu's taste can be typed like the flavour of summer: refreshing, light, smooth and energetic.

The second one is Ginger, an ingredient that can be many things to many people often used in the far east kitchen. The presence of ginger in iKi can be hot and refreshing as well. An interesting flavour as its usage differs dependig the area you live in. iKi uses Ginger because of it's sweet savories to combine with meat and fish. Well known in Europe is the ginger bread, but in China, Ginger often used in vegetarion dishes, curries and other combinations.

iKi Beer is a responsible brand this means 100% organic, so no chemicals, no artificial additives but 100% organic ingredients. iKi is certified organic by SKAL.



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