All iKi flavours contain green tea. Currently we have iKi beer in two different tastes: Yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit and well-known Ginger. Our goal is to combine the best of both worlds to open to new experience. We have selected the flavours for iKi Beer with green tea after extensive research with our partners ( e.g. De Librije ) and our high quality brewers. We select our flavours from the East as well as Europe.

IkibeeriKi Yuzu ( 4,2% )

iKi Beer with green tea and yuzu is a fresh light beer. It fills your mouth with a clear umami flavor, followed by a aftertaste that tantalizes the palate leaving you wanting more. Well appreciated as aperitif. It goes well with chicken, sushi, pasta and sauerkraut. It is a far east fruit which can not be compared to any other fruit. It stands out because of its lovely fragrance. You could say it is unique as iKi. In 2007, iKi Beer won an innovation award at IFE. The jury formed with 'great body and taste'.


iKi Ginger ( 5,5% )

Ginger is an amber coloured beer with a rich crispy taste. Take a quiet moment and enjoy the taste and relax. The slight tingling caused by the ginger makes a crisp and a refreshing twist. It typically combines well with meat or goose liver. However in the region India and China ginger is used with curries and fish. More details to be found here.

For both, we really appreciate to share your ideas and expiences drinking and using iKi Beer with others. We invite you to share your recipes with others, see Recipes. Learn from the Chefs and use their recipes. Or post your moments on the iKi Facebook.


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